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Preventing Fire In Your House & How To Be Ready

by admin | September 12, 2018 |
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Every year, hundreds and thousands of rupees are lost in fire damage to residential properties. Inspire the staggering numbers, most homeowners ignore the need to maintain a safety protocol for fire. To prevent a fire from breaking into your house, a...

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5 Effective Ways to Keep The Corporate Space Pest-Free

by admin | July 25, 2018 |
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Okay, let’s face the truth! No one wants to work in an office that has bugs crawling everywhere. Just imagine clients walking into your office and finding creepy pests! Not only is that bad for your company’s reputation, it can potentially deem y...

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9 Effective Tips To Prevent Fire In Corporate Spaces

by admin | July 5, 2018 |
Category: Fire service

According to the National Crime Records Bureau Data, accidental fires claim almost 62 lives every day in India. A total of 1,13,961 people have died in fire accidents during the last five years. Just as surprising as the numbers are, very little ef...

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