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Erection & Commissioning

Includes the following

Civil foundation and Structural erection of tower including laying of Optical Fiber and electrical cables with allied electrical and controls.

  • Tightening of Towers
  • Strengthening of Towers
  • Erection of Antenna and Aviation lamps
  • Installation of Pole mounts
  • Truncation of Towers
  • Rust prevention and application of anti-rust painting
  • Battery Bank welding
  • Fabrication and fitment of shelter room locks
  • Repairing of shelter rooms.
  • Aluminium cladding of intermediate cables.
  • Civil and electrical up gradations.
  • Civil foundation including of DG sets.
  • Boundary walls gates and inside access doors.
  • Installation of tamper-proof alarm
  • Civil foundation and structural erection of Towers with electrical – Nu-built site
  • Laying of Optical Fiber, Copper and Aluminium cables