Privacy Policy

All rights for this website are reserved. All contents and images published on the website are a property of S&IB Services. Any use of the content and image from the website by any third party user, commercial and/or personal, will be liable to legal actions taken by the company.

S&IB Services follows a strict a privacy policy statement when collecting and using the personal information of the users. We collect a variety of your personal details to ensure that we can enhance the experience of our users. We collect the following personal details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Organization name
  • Gender, Age and marital status (in case of individuals)


The information collected is used for numerous reasons, some of which are highlighted as follows:

  • To provide a personalized experience to the users
  • To improve the services provided to the customers
  • To improve the website
  • For marketing purposes


We implement various security measures to safeguard all the information collected from the users. The access to the user information is restricted and limited. The staff is trained to deal with crucial information with care. Efficient measures are undertaken to ensure safety for the collected user details.

The server we use is protected by using firewalls and anti-virus systems to ensure that the information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

None of the information collected from you is traded or transferred with outside third parties. We deal with no such third parties, hence, the information collected remains safe and secured. In special cases, the personal information might be released to the law enforcement, however, only after complying with you.

The online privacy policy only applies to the information collected from online sources like the S&IB Services website, and not an offline source.

The Cookies Policy

This website collects cookies and other information like consumer IP address to enhance the website, track feedbacks, and analyze user experience and much more. In order to prevent us from collecting the cookies, you can change the cookie setting on your computer.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are short-term web memory that is stored in the browser and enables the website to remember vital information about the page and the visits. Cookies are aimed to make the user experience more personal, often creating behavior profiles for people. These profiles are then used to decide the browsing content.

By accepting the cookies policy, users permit the website to collect required information for future purposes. In case, you do not want the website to collect your information, you can change the settings accordingly.

By accepting the privacy policy and the cookies policy, you agree to allow the website to collect and use information.
The privacy policy is constantly updated on the website. For more updates, keep an eye on this space.