about us

our mission

  • S & IB promises to increase its staff-strength to 50,000 by 2025 providing employment to underprivileged youth of India.
  • S & IB targets to achieve business revenue of Rs. 1000 Crores by 2025.
  • S & IB strives to continuously improve the range and quality of its services to provide top-class customer support and satisfaction.
  • S & IB endeavour to make a difference by constant upgrading of its staff training programs and business-support technologies. It is not only able to meet client requirements but exceed customer expectations.
  • S & IB has a strong Brand Value and Goodwill and is a Trusted Name in the service industry. Its motto, “Any Service? Call S & IB”, is backed by solid performance and readiness to expand its area of services to meet ever-changing customer needs.

about us

our vision

  • S & IB is the most ethical, transparent, statutory compliant, CSR compliant, eco-friendly and humane service-company in India.
  • S & IB’s employees are the true face and Brand Ambassadors of the Company. We invest significantly in Human Capital and recognize our employees as the main drivers of our business growth.
  • S & IB acknowledges the support, sincerity and hard work of all its employees. The Company has tremendous respect for them and is committed to their care.
  • S & IB dreams Big but keeps its targets realistic and achievable. Its constant focus is on improving quality and timely delivery of its services to the satisfaction of the customer.
  • S&IB believes that nothing is impossible. We face every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow.