utility maintenance services

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Repair & Maintenance of Utilities

Includes the following

Planned preventive maintenance and allied documentation need to be maintained at individual sites. For this we have got in-house designed structured PPM check list and formats to ensure trouble free services.

  • Measurement of Phase voltages and load balancing
  • Earthing checks and measurements
  • Checking and maintenance of LT Panels, Circuit Breakers
  • All types of interior and carpentry repair and maintenances
  • DG, WTP, STP, Pumps, Motors periodic checks and maintenance
  • To ensure availability of requisite ventilation, mounting of extinguisher, rubber insulation mats at meter rooms
  • To ensure removal of naked electrical wires from the view point of safety as well as overloading of cables
  • Checking of all plumbing lines including joints, valves and allied hardware to prevent leakages / jamming etc.
  • All types of civil repairs and maintenances including water proofing and painting
  • Mechanised cleaning of Tanks and all common areas